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Report Albania Mission July 2018

Albania Mission 2018

(English Version)

Brothers and Sisters, I am grateful to God for each one of you from the outreach Team of ‘Open Bridge Ministry’ (OBM) and for your generous heart demonstrated during your short mission trip to our church in Tirana in July.

Because of your service the hearts of the saints have been refreshed, as also the Apostle Paul writes in his Epistle of Philemon vv. 3-7.

Some church families in social and material difficulty have been visited in their own homes, being encouraged and greatly blessed. Your visit has been for them a witness that God had not abandoned them and that they are not alone but that their brothers and sisters in Christ love, pray and care for them.

The seminar on Evangelism and Mission, led by Daniele Gremito (OBM Founder and team leader) and by the couple Gennaro & Anna Iervolino (Italian partners of OBM), has greatly blessed and encouraged all participants to go on the streets to preach the Gospel. So this is what we did, putting immediately theory into practice, by all joining in the open air evangelistic campaign.

Albania Mission 2018

There was a particular anointing in the way the whole OBM team reached out to people and shared the love of Christ with them and this has greatly motivated us.

Some of the people have accepted Jesus in their own hearts, among which two teenagers who immediately wanted to practically help out with the evangelistic outreach, glory to God! The testimonies and the Word of God preached during the evangelistic event have reached out many people of different ages and God’s presence was tangible. Praise to God, the following day we had the joy to see 8 of those people coming to our Sunday church service. The ministry of the Word, brought to us by brother Daniele, has greatly blessed and encouraged us and many have responded to the appeal of salvation, Glory to God!

Albania Mission 2018

Your visit and work of OBM have greatly encouraged and built up the church, equipping us and prompting us even more to preach the Gospel on the streets. Your love and passion for the lost has blessed us, also giving those who have been reached the opportunity to be saved and touched by the love of Christ.

I thank the Lord for your service and the whole church would love to have you back again soon.

With brotherly love,

Pastor Sabri Kasemi

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