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Albania Mission report

English Version

It is with joy that I thank God for the visit of Open Bridge Ministry. “Evangelize” was the keyword during these days and we have done so through different activities and in different forms.

The families reached are facing various difficulties: women, with three or more children, abandoned by their husbands; other families struggling with the ‘curse’ of alcoholism; already-dramatic situations worsen by the plague of poverty.

Nevertheless, God is at work in amazing ways bringing healing and salvation.

Evangelize children. Together with the team lead by Daniele Gremito, we have passionately reached many children as the Gospel was proclaimed. We have done this through songs, games, stories and drama. The children and parents’ response was encouraging and some have received the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The last “miracle” happened in the airport while we were saying our goodbyes. We met the uncle of two girls that are attending our church. He, being a Muslim, had strongly opposed (sometime with threats) the fact that her nieces would want to attend the church. As Open Bridge Ministry have raised funds to refurbish his nieces’ house who have been living in very disadvantaged conditions, I introduced Daniele to him. Confronted by this practical demonstration of God’s love, his soul was touched and from being against his nieces coming to church he is now saying thank you to two Christians for helping them out. Only God can turn around circumstances like that!

I would like to conclude with an encouragement to be an active part of God’s great plan of salvation for the whole humanity, whose operation field is the whole world!

Blessings in Christ

Pastor Emanuele Mango

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