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Let's build a future together! A project for Albania

Dear friends and supporters of OBM

We trust this message finds you well.

As you will probably be aware, one of the goals of this ministry is to provide practical help to those who are disadvantaged and in need. Over the course of the last couple of years we have had the opportunity to visit and minister in Albania, a country now open to the Gospel and where God is building His Kingdom.

We have had the privilege to support pastors and churches in outreach events and, while we have been with them in the churches where they have been called to serve, we have also seen practical needs among the people, some of whom live in very poor housing conditions. Despite their situation, people are turning to Christ also because of the love and care shown by local believers who not only preach the Gospel in words but also show heaven’s love through action.

We have seen by experience the difference practical help can make and so we feel compelled to partner up with the churches in Albania in this aspect of Kingdom work and would like to give you the opportunity to support if the Lord lays it on your heart.


The project we have in mind involves a family being cared for by Pastor Emanuele Mango (AoG Italy) in the city of Durazzo. The family is made up of 8 people – Dad, mum, 3 sisters and 3 brothers. The parents in this family are very simple people with no education.

The first daughter, Adelina who is being supported in her schooling by the local church, will begin her second year of high school. She is having some wonderful experiences with God and was recently baptised in water and is fervently seeking the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The second daughter is Blerina, 14 years old; she too is experiencing God in her life. All 6 children in this family attend the services and Sunday School. Their parents come to church occasionally.

A huge difference would be made to their lives if we can improve their living conditions which at the moment are very poor with basic essentials missing.

The project would involve the purchase of the following items: 3 beds, 6 mattresses, two wardrobes, some new flooring, a sink and a new bathroom. It would also cover the labour involved which would be carried out by 2 local believers, known by Pastor Emanuele, who attend an AoG church near Durazzo. The total cost of the project would be approximately €1890.


If you would like to donate to this project, you can give through the Italian charitable bank account as below by and not over 10th September 2017:

Account Number: 84/000008010077

IBAN IT35L0301904608000008010077


Reference: Albania 2017

If you have any problems transferring your donations to the Italian bank account, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Our hope is that in helping this disadvantaged family, not only can they live in much improved conditions but that with this kind of support they can experience the practical love of the body of Christ and be a blessing for others.

This is a small part of the big picture of what God is doing in Albania. In future communications, we will let you know about another part of the picture - a Christian run project which is having great success in improving the lives of children suffering from autism with the positive effect this has on the families that are affected. They are looking for people willing to sponsor therapy hours for families who cannot afford this.

In the meantime, we thank you for your prayers and support and pray God’s blessing on your lives.


Open Bridge Ministry team

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