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Report Macedonia Mission June 2023

Pastor Filip Ivanov The team that Daniele led to Macedonia did an outstanding job portraying Christ and His love to all

that they met! Firstly, they served fervently in preparing some 50 food parcels for poor families, and

then helped distribute the food parcels plus some 120 hot meals on that day. The hearts of some of

those people opened up for the first time and they ended up praying for them.

During the few church services we had together, they blessed the churches with singing, with

testimonies that really spoke to people’s hearts, and with the clear preaching of the Word and

prayer for people afterwards. One single father, who came for prayer with his autistic son, said that

they had been prayed for by many people, but something extraordinary happened when Daniele

and the team prayed for them in Jesus’ name, as he said that for the first time he received true

peace that everything will be ok with his son, and already the next day there was some big

improvements in his son’s behavioural difficulties and wellbeing, trusting for a complete healing.

We also had some amazingly encouraging time of fellowship together, so I can really say that the

team was a true blessing for me personally, for our family, for the churches, and beyond…

Veronica Umoka

We bless God for the success of the mission. Indeed, God came through for the team of us who

volunteered and the churches visited, and he stirred up our hearts to reach out for the lost. The

team was led by Daniele, together with Adalberto (Brazilian), Giovanni (Italian) and me (Nigerian). It

is humbling to see that despite coming from a different background, culture and race, we all had a

heart sold out to the Lord!

We mainly served in Pastor Filip’s church in Velas. Him and his wife Marija are indeed doing the

Lord’s work by reaching out to the people of the town with food, hot meals, clothing etc, and the

Gospel of course!

We also visited nearby pastors and missionaries and have had opportunities to share testimonies,

singing and preaching in their churches.

The hospitality and care received was top notch ensuring we were safe and assistance rendered

where necessary. We felt loved and cherished, which we do not take for granted. It was an eventful

mission as we saw God come through for us.

It is worth of note that these Pastors live by faith not knowing when the next supply or help will

come from. Seeing the members of the church sharing the little they have to ensuring the church

moves forward, is a prayerful burden in our hearts.

God has reached out to us to join this short mission trip to partner and support these missionaries

on the field. We have gone and seen for ourselves that, what might seem little, is and can be a life

saver for others. We want to hold what Matthew 28:19-20 says:

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


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